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Trash. On “Spazzatura” Tv

-A thesis about the "Trash TV" could seem to someone useless as it is useless the trash tv. Then you must admit that at least two hours a day ( this is the average time of a person watching tv) are useless!
In the digital networks and the satellite age the general television affirms ( on the contrary of how much someone foresaw) always more its dominant role and not only in the listenings, but also its consequences of impact on the public opinion and on the others media. The comunicative tam tam begins also from Paolo Limiti transmissions.

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3 TRASH INTRODUCTION My thesis is a journey into the unknown, it explores fields and thematic places of border, with a conclusion that will be lent, I hope, to more careful examinations on my behalf and of whom will want to follow me and that they will succeed in understanding the “quid”, that animates this path to the borders of the existence, illuminated by a kaleidoscopic light called TV. My generation, born with the TV, is changed and above all well soon it has had to do with media more friendly, with digital networks and with a variegated world in binary series that surround us always more. It is easy to say trash TV, I tried to define it, and there are three definitions: the first one is that used by the common people, the public opinion, the critique and the journalists; the second is an academic definition within a more wide concept which is the new television, and the entire massive democratization of mass-media not for last also those of digital kind: the third is the definition in absolute (ab-solutus, loose, loose from any moral and aesthetic prejudice) , is the definition of Tommaso Labranca, that I have done mine, seeing the most elevated scientism of it, adjusting the throw of it, filtrating it with the theories on cultural value by Crane and MacDonald. In this essay I affirm that the word trash is used in at least three meanings: as adjective in the expressions “waste TV” or “trash TV”, as noun to indicate a style of manufacturing television programmes or as metagenre referring to the new television, finally as aesthetic category ruling in contemporary society.


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