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Preventing and defensive tools of data processing system

The new Italian decree on privacy protection has opened the problem of security in the data processing systems.
The dissertation starts from the risk evaluation problems, considering the many possible attacks to the systems, the countermeasures to adopt and the best tools available on the marker for prevention and defense.

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INTRODUCTION The recent normative news bound to the tutelage of sensitive and personal data (Decree Legislative 06/30/2003, no. 196) took foreground the problems of security, forcing many public and private subjects to take into consideration, in many cases for the first time, the tutelage problem of information, often coinciding with the tutelage of the whole data processing system. Starting from the news introduced by the new law on privacy, the dissertation shall be faced the problems bound to prevention and defence from risks of the data processing systems, focusing the attention in a special way on the nets, prevailing vector for the threat diffusion. The obligation, which is imminent on all the interested subjects to make a true and actual risk analysis, involves many sectors - staff and accesses management, system management, management of the nets, draining - to require the application of a strict methodological approach. The dissertation shall face above all the problems bound to the evaluation of risk, a process subdivided into nine subsequent phases which start from the initial requirements' exam of a data processing system up to the determination of its imminent risks, of the countermeasures to be adopted and the documentation to be drawn up. The most common typologies of attack and the available tools shall be examined for the prevention and the defence, leaving from the various types of Firewall, going on with the arrange of Intrusion Detection (Hosts, Network and Gateway)


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