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Memory: a cognitive inquiry

-In this work is developed an investigation about memory's knowledge from the ancient period to the experimental and clinical sciences to analyze two memory's damages as Alzheimer and Korsakov's Syndrome. Then there are described the rehabilitation therapies for demencial and amnesic forms directed to all people work in education with subject affected to these phatologies.

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PREVIEW At the end of my studies in educational sciences I wanted to develop the human memory argument. During my working experience in quality of social sanitary operator and than in educational role in sanitary centres, hospitals and psychiatric communities for adults, it has been the aspect that most astonish to me. Sometimes we usually smile when it happen that acquaintances and relatives will incur in forgetfulness, much more times due to an inadvertence: in these cases we can observe the arising tragedy when losing memory means to loose our own identity, compromising relations with the world around us, giving often incredulous feelings. Relational aspect with people affected to such symptomatology has always arouse me a particular interest so that making my educational activity I tried to help patients through the suggest advices ripened from specialization courses and seminaries about Alzheimer’s deseases and amnesies. I improved in this way thecnics and relational dynamics with regard to the affected subjects from memory deficiency. As educator I tried through R.O.T laboratories and Validation and Occupational Therapies, more instruments that let me learning appropriated thecnics. Disarming behaviours of such patients brought in myself the will to go over the empiric method, trying to help in a profitable way those around me. Necessity of recognize them became almost pressing: the lack feeling of a sufficient preparation took to me to discover some aspects will be in this work: the excursus speak about of human memory argument through the artistic value had from the ancient age. It describe then the research’s progresses obtained about of the memories deficiency until arriving to describe the most important thecnics utilized in the amnesic rehabilitation. In the first chapter has evidenced the importance that memory had in the arcaic period: it was considered an art “in all sense” that had permitted to identify learning’s methods: “ A memory


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