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The various faces of the Islamic terrorism

Analysis and study on Islamic terrorism

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1 Introduction September 11Th 2001 will be without doubt a date that will appear in the books of history not only for the triplex attack that has upset States United of America, but also for the historical-political meaning of that day. The aerial deviation against the Twin Towers and the Pentagon (more that failure against the White House) they have marked the origin of new wars and world alliances after the end of the Cold War. In reality, on 11 September have been both a consequence and a beginning, whose origin, as all the events of the history, its must be looked for far in the time and in the space. Further to a political echo, there has been also a cultural echo, and meiotic, that is translated in the diffusion of the literature and the living rooms television on the matter, unfortunately often ducts in way polemic and generalized, of scarce help for the understanding of the phenomenon. The civilization and the Islamic theology have become motive of search and close examination, therefore as to the time of the war in the Balkans it had been the history of the Slavic population; however this surveying has assumed much often the tones of the ideological controversy, and it has been read in instrumental way. The world public opinion was separated among who him it pronounced favourable to the mission of the United States in Afghanistan, and who


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