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Computation of Unsteady external flows past moving configurations by means of an accurate Euler solver

The work is about a CFD 2D code in FORTRAN based on compressible Euler equations, to solve airfoils for both low (Wind turbine airfoil) and high speeds, for steady and unsteady cases with complex features and acceleration techniques convergence.

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Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Fluid / structure interactions The aerodynamic loads induced by the wind can result in very large blade deformations, which have to be taken into account in the prediction of the power output based on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analyses. Ne- glecting such deformations, in fact, may lead to substantial errors in the flow incidence on which the computed power output and thrust on the tower depend. For this reason, the blade design has to be multi-disciplinary, in- volving the solution of the coupled fluid and structural mechanics equations. The coupled solution procedure guarantees correct deflections and aerody- namic loads. This strong coupling is typically neglected in current wind turbine design, but its impact on the effectiveness of the design has never been investigated. A second fundamental design aspect is the wind variabil- ity. Wind turbines operate in a large range of wind speeds, and their design must account for such variability. Hence the design optimization also has to be multi-point. In other words the design process must optimize the power output at all most likely wind speeds. In the case of large pitch-regulated turbines, the multi-point analysis has to take into account also the sched- ule of the controller. One way of accomplishing this is to consider a suitable wind-dependent pitch-offset for each wind speed. Finally, it may happen that 1

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