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The Uttarakhand Livelihoods Improvement Project for the Himalayas (AAJEVIKA) - A Mid-Term evaluation

Elaborazione di una valutazione in itinere relativa ad un progetto di sviluppo implementato nello stato dell'Uttrakhand (Nord India), con sviluppo di uno strumento di analisi multicriteriale.

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS A great and deep acknowledgement to all my Indian friends and colleagues, and thanks for your ever- generous hospitality and humanity. And thanks to all those who accepted to talk with me about their life, their conditions, and their opinion about this project. Many thanks to Mr. Rajesh Kumar Pandey, Manager District of Purola. This paper would not have been possible without your great help and dedication. Thanks for your professionalism, friendship, and human help. Thanks to Mr. V.P. Singh and his wonderful wife for the great time spent together. Thanks to Mr. B. K. Bhatt for the exiting sympathy. Thanks to Anita for the help during my first days in Purola, thanks to Mr. Ankur Jain for the translation and support. Thanks to all staff of UPASaC Purola. A special thanks to Mr. Deepak Aggarwal for the wonderful food, the friendship, the dedication and the great honesty. Thanks to Shri Himanand Semwal, his wife and his shiny daughter, thanks for your sincere hospitality and all your dedication. I am strongly in debt with Atul and Kavita Pandit, thank you so much for everything: the amazing food, the help, your hospitality, thanks for making me feel as a part of your family, as Sambhav’s didi. Thanks to everybody at USOCA: Anjali Basliyal, Ravi Bhandari, Pankaj Bhatnagar, Mohommad Shahid, and also Deepak for the million of cups of tea! Thanks to Mariella Sandini for the availability, even out of Italy, thanks to Giorgio Franceschetti and Elena Pisani for the constant availability and the great help. Thanks to my family for loving and supporting me. Thanks to Margherita, Melissa, Giorgia, Stefano, Giovanna and Pietro. Thank you Lou. Thanks to Francesco. Everything was possible thanks to you. 6

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