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Promotional language for bank accounts: a corpus driven analysis through web sites comparable corpora.

Promotional language for bank accounts is a very particular linguistic genre as it has the aim to advertise a kind of commodity which surely differs from any other commercial product. Choosing a bank account, in fact, is a very important choice as the relationship established between the customer and the product is surely much stronger than what would happen with any other 'commodity good'.
The aim of this work is to analyse two comparable corpora made up of texts taken from the web sites of some major Italian and English banks in order to identify the possible differences in terms of language use and cultural aspects.
The essay is structured in three parts. The first chapter is an introduction of the area of research of corpus linguistics and contains a brief history of how it developed, explaining what corpora are, why they are used in linguistic analysis and what are the main corpus approaches used. In the second part I illustrate the tools and methods I used to carry out my personal analysis, describing how I collected the material to design the two corpora and the software used to analyse them. Moreover, I explain the corpus-driven methodology used, focusing of the concept of “Units of meaning”. The third and main part of this work consists of the words I decided to investigate, describing step by step the analysis conducted and the main results it has led to. Finally, the conclusions reached are summarized both from a linguistic and a cultural perspective.

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INTRODUCTION The aim of this work is to apply the methodology of corpus linguistics to the analysis of the specific genre of promotional language for bank accounts, in order to identify the possible differences between Italian and English bank web-sites in terms of language, culture and promotional linguistic strategies. The language used by banks in promoting their services is a very peculiar genre as it is supposed to combine specific features of both banking and promotional language. Banking communication strategies have been investigated in several different ways and from different perspectives, however most of the works conducted approach this subject from specific economic and marketing points of view. What I will going to analyse, instead, is only the use of language in order to detect possible differences between the Italian and the English languages and cultures. An important work in this field has been carried out by Katan in 2006, comparing Italian and English brochures of private pension institutions. References to his work will be made further in this essay. In order to achieve the aim mentioned above, I assembled two parallel corpora selecting texts from the web sites of some Italian and English major banks. The analysis was conducted following a corpus-driven approach which will be better explained in the following chapters. Before describing my own analysis, the first part of this essay will introduce the concept and the history of corpus linguistics providing a brief explanation of what corpora are, why they are used, and what are the main methods to use them. Then, I will illustrate what are the tools and methods I used, describing the software TextSTAT used for the design and the analysis of the corpora and the corpus-driven approach. Furthermore, after introducing the general features of the chosen genre, I will describe step by 1

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