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Simulation of the solar circuit for the Federal Environmental Agency's solar cooling system Dessau, Germany

This project aims to create a model for the solar circuit of the solar cooling/heating system installed in the Federal Environmental Agency in Dessau. The objective of an accurate model is to analyse the current performance of the real plant, and also to predict the behaviour under further configuration changes by computer simulations.
The task of this project is basically to build a model which includes as much real physical phenomena as possible. Doing this, the behaviour of the computational simulation is expected to fit the one carried out by the real circuit as accurate as possible.
The first three chapters of this document are used to introduce the field of study of this project. The theory of solar cooling is reported in Chapter 2, as well as the related available technologies. Chapter 3 investigates the state of the art of solar collectors; most of the work is focused on these components and on their correct simulation. Chapter 4 gives an overview of the software used for the simulation.
The existing plant is described in Chapter 5; the various components, which are the object of the simulation, are here illustrated.
Chapter 6 details the model built; the mathematical code of each sub‐model used to reproduce the real plant is analysed in order to understand the physical phenomena included in the simulation.
Results of the simulations and their analysis are reported in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8. Chapter 7 presents the results and focuses on the sensitive analysis of the most interesting parameters of the model. Finally, Chapter 8 presents some corrections and possible further improvements of the plant.

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Chapter 3 – Vacuum tube solar collector        25         CHAPTER 3  VACUUM TUBE SOLAR COLLECTOR      3.1  Introduction  Chapter  3  contains  the  overall  description  of  the  vacuum  tube  sola  collectors.  Most  of  explanation  agrees  with  the  basic  theory  of  flat‐plate  collectors. Because of this, the main subject of the chapter is flat‐plate collectors  while the vacuum tube type is only discussed when differences appear.  The second paragraph introduces some overall aspects of solar collectors.  Then, Paragraph 3 describes the most relevant features of solar radiation, taking  into account the final users i.e. the solar collectors. Flat‐plate solar collectors are  described in Paragraph 4, where the equation for the useful energy gain has  been obtained. In Paragraph 5, vacuum tube solar collectors are introduced,  focusing  on  those  aspects  that  differentiate  this  type  from  the  flat‐plate  collectors. Paragraph 6 reports the matter of Incidence Angle Modifier and its  importance for vacuum tube solar collectors. The collector arrays, focussing on  the series connection and its influence on the useful energy gain, are explained  in Paragraph 7. Paragraph 8 describes the solar collector test. At last, some  practical considerations about the employ of the solar collectors and their real  behaviour compared to the developed theory are discussed in Paragraph 9.   

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