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The role of energy efficiency for a secure, competitive and sustainable energy

The future of the human welfare is largely played on the energy challenges aiming to guarantee an uninterrupted energy availability, an affordable supply and the environmental sustainability of energy uses. Energy efficiency is widely recognized as the primary, cheaper and cleaner fuel in tackling these three overlapping challenges. Mainly, it represents one of the key options for the resolution of the “energy trilemma” in the European Union as well as Italian energy policies. Throughout the years, an advanced programming strategy and a regulatory system aiming to the dissemination of energy efficiency measures have been developed, the barriers hampering its development have been reduced, ad-hoc incentive systems have been created and relevant quantitative targets have been achieved. Both, the European Union and Italy prove to be on track with the 2020 quantitative targets on energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and greenhouse gas emissions. However, in view of the longer-term ambitious goals, further legislative and planning efforts along with a global joint action are needed.

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