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Why do children work? An analisys of child labour in the carpet-belt industry

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8 However, we cannot assume absolute accuracy not even for these data. In fact, the hidden and illegal nature of child labour means that this phenomenon is likely to be massively underreported. Moreover, as stressed by a number of researchers, it is getting harder and harder to carry out field studies to obtain accurate estimates of the prevalence of child labour. Media attention and the spread of the normative view that child labour is unacceptable, has made households and employers wary about discussing the prevalence of child labour accurately 3 . Finally, differences in the definition employed as well as in the year in which they were made can bring to different results about the dimension of this evil. In order to overcome this last problem, the first chapter is going to set the scene by individuating a clear and precise definition of “child labour” in order to deal with this argument without uncertainties and ambiguities. 3 See Sharma et al. (2000) for a detailed discussion of the challenges faced in researching the issue of child labour.

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