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A Numerical Analysis of Water Flow past an Airfoil through 180° Angle of Attack

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-5- 1. Introduction 1.1 Background Twice daily, due to the gravitational pull caused by the rotation of the moon around the earth, the world's oceans produce powerful water currents and ris ing and fall ing t ides. Scientists have studied how to exploit their tremendous power for centuries, including harnessing tidal energy by building ocean dams. Recently, new tidal energy technologies have been developed: turbines [1]. Turbines can be distinguished as Vertical-axis and Horizontal-axis models, depending on the orientation of the rotating shaft that turns the turbine through large rotor blades. They work on the same principle of wind turbines, using the kinetic energy of the moving fluid and transferring it into rotational and electrical energy: the water flows through the turbine, causes it to spin and activates a generator that produces electricity. In most cases electricity is produced during both high (incoming) and low (outgoing) tides. In the design of a turbine, it is very important that the design team have an accurate assessment of the aerodynamic characteristics of the airfoils being considered, as errors in the prediction of the aerodynamic coefficients would result in errors in the turbine’s performance estimates and economic projections. When it comes to asymmetric airfoils this issue is more critical as data on aerodynamic coefficients is very limited.

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