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Programmazione di azionamenti industriali per la gerarchizzazione in albero elettrico

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7 Introduction The mankind for its own nature has always tried to construct tools and so machines that could help him in his jobs and could also substitute him. The usefulness of machines caused an inalienable need and their spread is increasing in many society areas, from industry to service, from agriculture to domestic uses. Each part of the moving machine was interlocked to the motor by means of mechanical devices like transmission shaft, gear, pulleys and connections. The limitations that this mechanical devices implied, became evident as the need for limber machines increased, industry wanted to reduce the time for production and increase the quality. Changing kind of production means a loss of time and money as the substitutions of mechanical devices is an hard work. The production rate were limited from the operating speed of such devices like connections/brakes and all the part of the machine, joined together in a non flexible way, they weren’t able to follow the market demand. It was necessary to find a solution to join together directly and make independent each part of the machine. The connection should be electronically rather than mechanically. With the growing of low price power electronics this has became possible and the present trend is the revamping of firms, because to be competitive on the present market is not possible anymore focusing only on the quantity, market asks for Just In Time product, for quality product.

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