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Sla, ipotesi

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But the element hinge is the spore changed. Possible is In the SPORAZIONE, and that is pathologically indicative, one permanent mutation of the nucleotidica sequence of a gene; mutations that fenotipicamente are identified for the resistance to antibiotics, and for this the answers to tetracicline and baclofene are present but inconsistent in the sla, let alone for I use it of the carbon sources, for the toxin production, the increase to determined temperatures and therefore for the natural resistance to the defense of the organism; a cellular gene composed from many nucleotidi will have more possibility then than to have more mutations.....!!!!! The frequency of the mutations can BE INCREASED from the effects of the ultraviolet beams, from the heat, cancellations X.... all elements lavished in abundance from machinery used like helping in the diagnostic terapeutica, interesting just the athletes and just traumatizza you. Finally important one be of ANAEROBIOSIS of the woven ones because optimal germination happens one. A increase of the the state of stress muscular for exercise agonistici or a riabilitanti, provoke at the same time one alkalosis from iperventilazione respiratory, a increase until to the 100% of the consumption of 02, a anaerobiosi cellular for transfer of 02 from some . Therefore a TETANOTOSSINA Mutata would be able, in all these particolaris you condition, among them coincident (micro traumas, fans, ipocloridia, glutammato, cellular ipossia) essere,secondo my tesi,in by theoretical, one of the heavy bricks in the action degenerative neuro scatenante the injurious shock of the muscular trofismo of the sla, the imput to the fall 2000 such disease martirizzante. From a study brought on Clin. Invest. of the apr. '2000 vol. 105 ns. 8 to signature Warny and others a protein molecule the P-38 MAP could also be activated by a CLOSTRIDIUM in the case of the genere”difficile” well in a relationship of the dott. Bordogna of the institute Mario Negri of Milano,redatta in date 25 06 03 are read that among the causes of onset of the Sla further to a stress ossidativo and to inflammatory citochine there could be really an activation of the protein P38 MAPK From the therapeutic point of view in the tetania,come in other illnesses infettive,si knows you and an induction of the inside defenses through the stimulation of the interferone; interferone che,come molecule endogena,appartiene to the class of the citochines. Recently (Maggioni,2004,univ. of Novara)si and worked on the transplantation of the cells staminali autologhe that, withdrawn by the marrow, they provoke in the patient a wisecrack of arrest in the progressio of the degenerative syndrome induced SLA. The interferone class b is produced by the fibroblastis; the cells staminali treated with the factor of growth of the fibroblastis is stimulated to a further proliferation and maintained more' for a long time undiversified I would still like to set the attention on some analogies With the syndrome of Guillain-bars to the light of an updating of the prof Iudice of the a. of Pisa. The GBS and in fact a polineuropatia on basic autoimmune possibly activated by a precedent infection, also bacterial or viral, so much to be set elements of diagnostic doubt with pathologies vettoriate from the CLOSTRIDIUM and with SLA-similar symptoms: in the elapsed interesting ascendancies also the centers bulbari is had in fact insufficiency respiratoria,disturbi of the fonazione and the swallowing. Also from the point of view elettrofisiologico the study of the nervous managements shows pictures of demielinizzazione. That then that there puo'far to reflect and, over the possible presence also in such syndrome of the crostridium, the therapy that, also founding himself/herself/itself on human immunoglobuline, does it find the Most greater indication in the patients affections from concomitant (? ) infectious pathologies while the steroids (! ) they don't determine a positive prognostic evolution in the majority of the acute forms. If, hypothetically, the clostridium enters such and other syndromes, the researchers could experiment on guinea-pigs the action on the sla of an antitetanic vaccine,… subdued however also it, in vitro, to “mutazioni”sperimentali.

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