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The impacts of Foreign Direct Investment on the working force of the Romanian industry, the case of Timisoara distric

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6 1.3 Methodology: 1.3.1 Romania as a case I have been studying industrial districts as a part of my education and I was very interested in seeing how industrial districts are changing in Romania. In particular seen in the light of the many Italian companies which choose to outsource parts of the production to Romania and other Eastern European countries. I have chosen Timisoara because of the big concentration of Italian firms in the area. In Timisoara there are 5323 international firms and 1638 firms are owned by Italian entrepreneurs 12 .Another reason for choosing Romania is that there has not been made much research compared to many other Eastern European countries. And it was therefore interesting as well as a challenge to write about the field. Romania was chosen a single area since it was too difficult to embrace both different sources of data and case. Another interesting factor is that in the end of the 80’, the Central-Eastern European countries had suffered great social, economical and political changes after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The socialist model, by which these countries have been functioning for decades, suddenly crashed and they had to move on looking for a new path. Therefore, they have been called countries with Transition Economies. Globalisation and European Union enlargement is playing an important role in this restructuring process. This new scenario has had direct impacts on the technology and on the social conditions of the particular locality was the foreign firms are taken place. 12 Mihaela Boran Director Timis Prefecture (Prefectura Judetului Timis)

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