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The Impact of Information Technology on the Banking Industry

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THE IMPACT OF 'IT' ON THE BANKING INDUSTRY OLU FASAN 6 more competition but the low cost of computer technology has made it easier to enter the industry. Non-banks can now pick up off the shelf IT solutions for the services they want to provide. The research reveals that traditional banks find it difficult to integrate new computer technology with their old systems. As a result, their IT costs is higher than expected and IT integration takes to much time. The need for more investments in IT has increasingly forced some banks to sell- out of certain banking operations. The cost of IT investment required to remain competitive and the uncertainty future profits has forced withdrawal. Security of information systems was found to be very vulnerable in general. The amount of resources that is required for security is lower than required. The fact that ‘Hackers’ can still get into banking IT systems easily without inside help demonstrate the magnitude of the problem. IT Fraud is also a major problem of the banking industry especially where plastic cards are concerned. The increased IT knowledge of the general public and proliferation of cheap computer technology mean that weaknesses in card payment systems is exploited fraudulently. Millions of pounds is lost to plastic card fraud every year. This is simply because the cards are not secure enough. In recommendation the banking industry need to better apply IT to improve its operations, customer services and products. Banks should devote more resources to development of secure IT systems, services and products. Also, the

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