Fratelli: nati e cresciuti nella stessa famiglia ma diversi

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6 Abstrach Sibling, born and grow up in the same family but different. Why? This is the question that I ask me and I try an answer. The behaviour’s geneticists try to understand the importance of the genetic and environment factors through studies of adoptions and studies of twins, reaching the conclusion that the heredity explains the resembles but it doesn’t explain the difference; these are caused by equal family surroundings only in appearance, but in reality profoundly different for each brother (no shared surroundings). The majority of important environment influence in the ambit of psychological development belong not shared influence, so brother are different because different are your life’s surroundings in and out family. I try to understand what happened among member of the family, and so the different life into family, analysing experiences of brothers in the differential treatment by parent, the interactions among sibling and with friends, making use results of some studies (Colorado Adoptive Project, Cambridge Sibling Study, SIDE). The relationships among sibling are the result of a big intimacy compelled and no wanted. There are common memory, moments of complicity, shared bliss but rivalry, jealousy and periods of crisis too.

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