Renaissance Self-Fashioning: ''Epicoene'' by Ben Jonson

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5 By drawing on Greenblatt’s observation that there was in the sixteenth-century an increased self-consciousness about the fashioning of human identity as a manipulable, artful process 2 , I will attempt to throw light upon the following issues : In the first place, what self-fashioning effectively meant in the Renaissance with a brief overview of its humanistic roots and what it means today. I then wish to go on to analyze the City of London itself in Early Jacobean times and its influence on playwrights and society. Afterwards, I propose to discuss as an example a broad range of individual male and female characters and social groups in Ben Jonson’s satirical play Epicoene together with the influences that played upon him and the choices he made in fashioning his characters. By analyzing Ben Jonson’s use of self-fashioning in Epicene I will then discuss why and how Ben Jonson attempted to fashion himself as a playwright and poet for that Jacobean society and his audiences. I then wish to reflect upon how much of the satirical, Renaissance legacy of Ben Jonson’s world is left in today’s global market-society and the unpredictable, long-term consequences Renaissance self- fashioning has had on our world. Finally, I would like to comment on the evolutionary nature of self- fashioning in our modern times in order to gain a deeper awareness not only of myself and my personal environment but also to hopefully provide my reader with such a similar realization which he or she might wish to apply to his or her personal inner needs. It is well known that any effort made in exploring, analyzing and understanding the world around us can be compared to looking 2 Ibidem,

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