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Un sistema per la rappresentazione lessico-semantica di istruzioni in linguaggio naturale

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1 CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION Language is the fundamental means of communication for human beings. Though simple and comprehensive as it may appear to humans, it is in fact of utmost complexity when it has to be understood by a computer. Natural language processing (NLP), also called computational linguistics, attempts to use automated means to process text and to deduce its syntactic and semantic structure. This is done for many purposes such as to extract specific information from text, to perform machine translation, to produce automated summaries, etc. Since most of human knowledge is recorded in linguistic form, enabling computers to understand natural language would allow them to access all this knowledge. However this is still an active field of research, and this could be due to the fact that NLP is still a relatively young field. The modern field of linguistics has a hundred-year history as a scientific discipline, and computational linguistics has a forty year history as a part of computer science, but it is only in the last ten years that language understanding has emerged as an industry reaching millions of people, with information retrieval and machine translation available on the internet, and speech recognition becoming popular on desktop computers. This industry has been enabled by theoretical advances in representation and processing of language information. The commercial availability of speech recognition and the need for web-based language techniques have provided an important impetus for development of real systems. The availability of very large on-line corpora (collection of annotated sentences) has enabled statistical models of language at every level, from phonetics to discourse. Before the actual introduction to this thesis it is necessary to define some terms that belong to the terminology used in NLP that will be used throughout this dissertation (such definitions can be found in [Jurafsky et al., 2000]).

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