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A Theory of Diversification

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8 CHAPTER 1. LOOKING AT THE MAIN THEORIES Introduction The purpose of this chapter is to give the best known answers to the question: �why do firms diversify�. In doing that, as I already said, basic theory that is taught in courses of industrial economics and economics of institutions, will be assumed as prior knowledge. I am going to focus on the different mechanisms that make firms diversify rather than the different theories explaining them. There are two reasons why I will do so. First, since I do not follow any of the present frameworks, I consider a classification according to each mechanism more suitable (in other words, incentives for firms to diversify). This will be useful in the central part of the writing. Secondly, I think I am not old and expert enough to divide every author into different theories and group them accordingly. That being stated I must acknowledge the particular help the reading �Corporate Diversification� by Cynthia Montgomery (1994) has given me in order to shed a little light on this field of economic literature. Yet, given that this essay is the only one -as far as I know- it has been published in the nineties, I do not feel it is right to follow its approach (rightly on account of a lack of other sources).

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