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The development of a passenger shipping line in Albania: Economical and operational consideration.

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15 I.4. CREATION OF THE PASSENGER SHIPPING MARKET As explained above, the political situation does have an enormous influence in the economical development of the country, the people exchange with abroad being most affected than everything else. Provided other conditions prevailed, what would have been the influence of the Albanian geographical and economical constitution towards the creation and establishment of a normal passenger-shipping scene? This cannot be simply highlighted by mentioning the creation of the passenger shipping market in the last 10 years; would have been quite effortless tentative indeed, but leading to a biased conclusion, because it was quite a hectic development, caused by a random combination of the • enormous desire of the population to travel abroad, • the awkwardness of the government to provide clear and fair rules and regulations trenching it - • the pressure of small- and medium-sized foreign investments for having hastily prepared working conditions at sea and ashore (as usual, these companies are the first ones which test an unknown reality). Consequently, the passenger shipping in Albania in the last 10 years shapes a rather uprising line of traffic, which unfortunately disguises behind it a long story of under- or overloaded shipping lines, unborn destinations and dying routes. The possibility of creation the passenger market around the service offered is as true as the opposite one - the creation of the service upon a passenger demand. In terms of flexibility of these two elements, many authors support the conclusion that �demand is volatile, quick to change and comparatively unpredictable, whilst supply is ponderous and slow to change� (Stopford, p.63). This statement was (unfortunately) proven quite valid in Albanian ferry transport history with regards to the transit traffic to FYROM, as will be discussed on the adjacent section.

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