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The development of a passenger shipping line in Albania: Economical and operational consideration.

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6 that a ferry operator should consider when starting a new passenger and vehicle shipping activity will be discussed. Some conclusions will be given at the end of this work. The main idea is that passenger shipping in Albania has a very good future. This conclusion is based on the growing demand of the domestic users as well as from the position of the Durres port as a transiting point for the FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia), Kosovo and even more distant traffic. Differently from the practice in other countries, passenger shipping in Albania, due to the enormous growth in a very short time, has created its way by itself, not allowing much time for the necessary support and control by the responsible decision making authorities. Now, the time is ripe to discuss implementing a major government planning and preparation framework of the transport strategy in Albania, whereby the transport by ferries should have a respectable place. Although the main financial burden of this operation has to remain with the operators, the state should provide �some degree of built-in stability for the economy� (Maddison, p.78). The driving force on this system has to be generated mainly from the direct economically interested parties, i.e. the investors in passenger shipping field. Their proposals have to create the basis of government planning and intervention, to happen where and when appropriate. Therefore, this work will be concluded with some recommendations in this respect.

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