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The development of a passenger shipping line in Albania: Economical and operational consideration.

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9 the south (from the port of Vlora and downward) where starts the high Ionian coastline, composed by hills and mountains, sharply falling into the deep, clean waters. The main port of Albania is located in Durres (19 o 27� E, 41 o 19� N). This port accounts for as much as 70 - 80 % of cargo and passenger traffic, leaving the remaining volume to other ports, mainly of a local importance. The city of Durres is located in the center of Albania, only 35 kilometers far from Tirana, which is the capital city. It is the second biggest city of Albania by population and economic development. It also has good connections (for Albanian standards) of roads and railways with the other parts of the country. This city constitutes the main center of the western part of Albania, which is the most developed one, compared with the rest of country. This explains the important fact why Durres has always been the major commercial port, taking more than 3/4 of the total amount of cargo and now having an even bigger share of passenger traffic. The deserved importance is given to this port under the most recent projects of Albanian government. The deputy Minister of Transport states in a recent interview, �I would like to stress the importance of Durres port in the influx of the whole Regional artery. The Durres port project aims to improve its efficiency and capacity, in order to accommodate the anticipated increase of the traffic as well as to absorb the transit traffic�. (�KOHA JONE�, 8 April 2001). The other points of passenger traffic are the cities Vlora and Saranda in the southern part of Albania, but their activities will not be dealt with in this work. In those ports can be mainly found transport with small passenger crafts. Vlora has connections with Bari and Brindisi on the Italian Adriatic coast, whereas from Saranda the most frequent rotes are with Corfu and some other ports in northern Greece. It can be however said that, in a local context, both these ports have some special features for the development of the passenger traffic. Vlora is the main city in southern Albania, therefore a natural embarkation point for that part. Saranda, on the other hand,

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