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Influence of solar activity variations on the interplanetary space

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1. Introduction Studies of the solar activity variations and of the consequent behaviour of particles and fields in the heliosphere are important not only for understanding the physics of the Sun, but also for improving our knowledge of the physics of the Earth environment. The first aspect is a subject of the astrophysicists community since long time, the second is a newly discovered field becoming more and more evident since the discovery of the interactions of the solar wind with the magnetosphere and particularly in the last decade, when a direct correlation between the solar sunspot cycle and the solar constant variation was found by satellite measurements (Lean and Rind, 1994, Pap, 1997). Measurements made with ground- and satellite-based systems over the past few decades have shown that solar activity variations, associated with the sunspots development with a periodicity of about 11 years (Schwabe cycle), are concomitant with a number of different phenomena such as variations of the interplanetary magnetic field, of the galactic cosmic ray (GCR) flux in the heliosphere and of the total solar irradiance (TSI). In particular, the variations of TSI detected in space since 1979 by radiometers on different satellites were found to be about 1.3-1.4 W/m 2 (~0.1%) over an 11 year solar cycle (Fröhlich, 2000), as we can see in Figure 1.1. This bolometric evidence supports the hypothesis that solar activity variations may also produce effects on the terrestrial climate. 3

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