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Psicologia ambientale e progetto Bicocca

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2 ABSTRACT Environment plays a central role in our life: psychology has always dealt with its influence on the development of personality, on thinking and behavior. Both the environment as the social, cultural and relational context in which we live, and the natural and built environment have some effects which cannot be ignored. Environmental Psychology as a new area of research emerges between the end of the fifties and the beginning of the sixties to deal specifically with these themes and to give an answer to various questions that come from different disciplinary areas: city planning, medicine, architecture and geography. The first part of this thesis gives a general view of the studies in environmental psychology, in comparison with the works of some classical authors of the discipline. One of the most important themes refers to the individuals’ evaluation and satisfaction with their own environment and, in particular, the relationship between citizens and their own city or neighborhood. The second part of the thesis focuses on this aspect: the aim of the short exploratory research presented was to investigate the relationship between the new Bicocca area and the students and citizens who live there, in order to define the social representation of this place, as it has been created in their mind, and to compare this representation of common sense with the experts’ opinions.

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Anteprima della tesi: Psicologia ambientale e progetto Bicocca, Pagina 2

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Facoltà: Psicologia

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