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The Koran

The Qur’an is divided into 114 suras of varying length. According to the tradition, it was revealed orally by Allah to Muhammad (in 610) through the intermediation of the angel Gabriel. The revelations went on until his death (632).
Muhammad started his mission in 613, but in 622 he was put out of Mecca and migrated to Medina ( Hejira is the term used to refer to Muhammad’s migration to Medina).
There are different versions about the definition of the written order of the suras:
- according to some, it was decided by six people during the Prophet’s lifetime;
- according to others, it was done during the Omayyad caliphate.
The current version was written during the caliphate of Othman (644-55) and it is accepted by all Muslims alike. This is one of the reasons why the text is so important among Muslims.

di Luca Porcella
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