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Definizione di Provocative therapy

La psicoterapia provocativa è stata sviluppata da Frank Farrelly negli anni '70 negli USA.
La sua base è la fiducia nei sistemi di autoguarigione degli individui. Essa quindi agisce con l'intento di riattivarli.

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«Who is Frank Farrelly? Frank is the developer of Provocative Therapy. Provocative therapy is a wild form of confrontational therapy that cuts the quick a problem, throws it up in the air, bathes it in outrageous humour and opens up the possibilities of change. It works because Frank Farrelly has a deep understanding of the human condition and he knows how to make people laugh at themselves. If your idea of 'therapy' is the kind of session where the therapist may just ask questions and listen then Frank will shock the pants off you. Provocative therapy it is called and provocative it is! Frank's provocation is deliberate. He forces his clients to confront reality and learn to appreciate and accept it with humour. Clients are shocked out of their wallowing, taught to laugh at themselves and encouraged to see another side. Frank uses humour to couch his provocation. He gets straight to the heart of the matter, opens up the neural pathways and invites clients to reframe the reality and thus deal with it».
P. Heskell

di Marco Avena