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Pianificazione fiscale e strategie di crescita internazionale: imprese italiane nel Far East

Guido Bernardi

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Since I enrolled at the General Management MBS's (Laurea Specialistica) two years and a half ago, I have been living challenging experiences. The first year was a busy period filled with too many books, classes, class-presentations and group works. In that year I studied much more than I had done in the previous years: Apart from achieving higher marks and studying interesting subjects, I gained new friends among class colleagues and I learned how to do public presentations.

Then I decided to try the "Chinese adventure" applying for an exchange program lasting six months. I was the first student applying personally for such kind of exchange at Sun Yat-Sen Business School of Guangzhou (China). It was not easy to make them understand and accept my requirements, to handle the documents and to organize everything, but in the end I spent the most exciting semester in my university career! I traveled a lot throughout China, from the high mountains of Tibet to the Gobi Desert of XinJiang and the skyscrapers of Shanghai.

I enjoyed so much China to apply for a 3 months internship at a local consulting firm, the kind of business I like, and to begin a Chinese language course. During the internship I shared the apartment with a Chinese guy, trying to gain more fluency in the mandarin language and to go deeper in the Chinese culture. I also met new friends both among the International business community of Guangzhou and my Chinese colleagues.

I've just obtained my second level degree and I'm looking forward to face my next challenge! Don't know where yet!


  • Laurea liv.II (specialistica) in General Management
    conseguita presso Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano nell'anno 2005-06
    con una votazione di 108 su 110
  • Laurea in Economia Aziendale
    conseguita presso Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi di Milano nell'anno 2004
    con una votazione di 99 su 110

    Commento personale: Ho speso 9 mesi del mio biennio specialistico in Cina, dove ho fatto un semestre di scambio universitario e un trimestre di stage in consulenza

  • Diploma di maturità conseguito presso il Liceo scientifico
    con votazione 90/100°

Lingue straniere

  • Inglese parlato e scritto: ottimo
  • Spagnolo parlato e scritto: discreto
  • Cinese parlato e scritto: discreto

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