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Caratterizzazione computazionale di alchilammonio cloruri

Luigi Tiburzi

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I began my career as a scientist in the chemistry field at the University of
Rome La Sapienza and soon I developed an open, independent mind which led
me to study different topics in different faculties. Throughout my career to date,
I have had the opportunity to attend courses at the Departments of Computer
Science, Physics and Biology. As my passion for these particular topics wasn’t
exhausted by these classes, in my spare time I also managed to increase my
knowledge further on those subjects through self-study, trying to achieve a very
in-depth level of comprehension. In particular my first interests was in having a
solid mathematical background in order to be able to face complex arguments in
other disciplines to get the most from them. Then I focused on deepening my
knowledge in physics to improve my skills as a physical-chemist and in computer
science which I found a very valuable tool to produce extremely useful results.
As a scientist I chose to pursue a theoretical path because on the one hand
it gave me the opportunity to satisfy my yearning to understand things in great
depth, solving exciting problems and being stimulated by very interesting matters.
On the other hand, it allowed me to work with skilled people and in doing so
discover my weak points and try to boost them. On the whole these five years of
experience helped me develop a scientific, open mind and a strong determination
to face the most difficult problems. They also taught me that knowledge, in any
field, is made of patience, passion and application, and that all the necessary
effort is well paid back by the pleasure in understanding how things really work.
As I mentioned above I used to explore different topics and at a certain point in
my career I encountered computer science. At the beginning I used the knowledge
acquired in a basic C course to solve simple tasks useful for my studies, but
gradually I began to develop a strong passion for programming that culminated
around eighteen months ago when I deliberately started to increase my knowledge
of computer science basics basics with subjects that were extraneous to my career
as a chemist. Initially my attention was focused on learning the most important
programming languages such as C and Python and on having a more in-depth
knowledge of the Unix OS; recently I began to shift my attention towards more
advaanced arguments such as algorithms and software engineering.
On the whole I’m a very curious and determined kind of person who likes
being stimulated and having always interesting and challenging tasks to solve.


  • Laurea liv.I in
    conseguita presso Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza nell'anno 2011-12
    con una votazione di 110 su 110
  • Diploma di maturità conseguito presso il Liceo scientifico
    con votazione 100/100°

Esperienze lavorative

  • Dal 2012 lavora presso Prassel nel settore Informatica - Telecomunicazioni
    Mansione: Programmatore

    Commento personale: Programmazione in Python in ambiente Linux su un software di videosorveglianza

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  • Inglese parlato e scritto: ottimo

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