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Innovation, Opportunities and Outlooks in the Music Industry

Andrea Baldereschi

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During the last six years of my life I’ve always been traveling: first in London, then in France, Spain and the United States. Beyond Italy, my home country, I’ve been studying and working in all of these places. This is why I would be happy to move to work with you.

This experience has leaded me to learn new languages and to raise my adaptability skills. While school and the passion for music helped me to improve my technical knowledge and my team working and time management abilities, I had the fortune to understand that traveling and living in multiple places of the world is what makes me sincerely happy.

I always had a deep passion for music. I started producing music at the age of 12 and I’ve always been working in this scoop beside studies, as Producer, as Dj and as Event and Artist Manager. Moreover, my previous internship at Axiatel in Paris allowed me to know the world of Marketing and Web Communication improving my Supply-Chain Management and SEO/SEM skills.

As I said music has always been my passion and I’ve always been spending my days in producing music and trying to imagine new ways to make it, to perform it and to distribute it. The great chance I had is that my school path and my internship at Livid Instruments gave me the knowledge and the tools to figure out what is doable, to estimate production timings and to have a global vision of the production chain, from the projecting, to the quality standard testing and the processes optimization. Working in this scoop is, in short, the dream of my life.