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Multicriteria Decision Analysis for Energy infrastructure planning: the study-case of Natural Gas in Italy

Giulia Forno

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I'm a Junior Energy Engineer, I got my Master's Degree in Energy and Nuclear Engineering in July 2013 at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

I've performed my Master Thesis on "Multicriteria decision analysis for energy infrastructure planning: the study case of Natural Gas in Italy". In the work, criteria relative to Technology, Economy, Environment, Social Issues, Strategy and Security of supply were considered: particular attention was given to the environmental field and to risk analysis, so I have a quite good knowledge of this field.

The work was completed during a six-months internship in a small company in the Energy Planning field, E4sma (Energy, Engineering, Economy, Environment System Modeling and Analysis). This experience has given me good skills in working independently and in a multi-disciplinary context, and I'm very interested in continuing my experience in the area of Safety and Environmental Impact of energy systems, or in the Risk Analysis field.

As I’ve just completed my studies, I do not have much work experience, but I've done several part-time jobs during my studies and I've cooperated with the university, providing help in teaching activities and with the laboratories of several courses. I also had several team work experiences, obtained both during my studies and thanks to volunteering activities.

I have a very good English knowledge (plus Spanish, basic French - and Italian of course) and a strong passion for travels and photography. I'm a curious and dynamic person, willing to work in a multicultural and stimulating environment and ready to learn more: whatever will be my future job, I'll do my best!

I am fully available to travel or move abroad. For further information and to view my CV, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your time and attention, hope to hear from you soon,
Giulia Forno