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After the 1929 crisis

Paul Krugman in 1999 had told crises that had devastated different economies in Asia and Latin America, warning a possible imminent new Great Depression. "But, as the bacteria become resistant to the antibiotic, also modern finance has become immune to remedies contrived after the 1929 crisis". The "deregulation" and the dynamics of a financial system released by every control have been producing the worse crisis from 1930: anybody thought that problems in economy were resolved, but we were sure that new problems were different from those of the thirties. For many economists, among Schumpeter, the Great Depression was considered as a healthy trial to precedents excesses of the economy. It's necessary consider the fundamental political event of the nineties, that is the collapse of the socialism: in 1991 Urss flaked her and began the march toward capitalism of the East Countries, but this was not painless, especially for Russia: the communist regime, despite his defects, avoided extreme poverty maintaining uniform the way of life of the population; with the passage to the economy of market, instead, the poverty is spread and few narrow elites become wealthy.
In a negative economic phase, the issue of too coin from Bce to fill the gap demand - offer can produce inflation that will be eradicated only with a period of elevated unemployment.

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