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From Keynes' lesson to Erp and the attempts of European integration

The history shows what importance dresses again the economic politics for the cohesion of the social contest: after the first world war the essay of Versailles set punitive excessive reparations to Germany. John Keynes discharged from the British delegation and wrote " Economic consequences of the peace", where foresaw the disastrous result of the essay. Its warning was ignored, the essay remained in act and  German resentment led the second world war.
In December 1930, when it was clear that the recession was not ordinary, Keynes explained that there were some problems into economic moped of starting that would not be divided alone without a push of the Government. Today we attend from his suggestions that a recession can be fought decreasing the taxes, the rates of interest and increasing the expense. The politics with which the Asian Countries managed their crisis were opposite and dictated by Washinghton.
Instead today his synthesis has made an ugly end because the politics have preferred to favour the trust of market rather than opposing the politics responsible of the crisis. In the second post-war the failure of the international diplomacy of Versailles didn't realize: United States with the lend-case allowed free transfers of own resources to Europe and European Recovery Program of 1948 was fundamental.
Erp had different ends: to reinstate Germany in the European context, to promote the social stability against the communist danger and the resumption of the European economy, essential for the American affairs of long period. Between 1948 and 1951 American goods for 12 million dollars were sent to Europe. With the birth of the European union of the payments born a system of multilateral compensation and a full convertibility of the currencies. Despite the notable reduction of the allotments, Europe remained to tall toll protection: such problem was submitted to Gatt,  developed him in various round, and customs were artificially maintained to tall levels to have a great border of negotiation in the international forums.
In 1951 Ceca was created, her aim was integration of the Ruhr's industry in the European context, setting the production Frank - German of coal and steel inside an organization opened to the other European Countries and under the supervision of a common authority. In March 1957 in Rome, the Essay of European Community was signed.

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