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What’s and represents globalization

It consists in a great world interconnection among States, markets, individuals, thanks to the reduction of the distance due to Information communication technology: “the progressive change toward forms of defective competition implicates a great power of the corporations to manipulate and to turn the sovereignty of the consumer into the predominance of the producer.
Insofar the globalization determines a loosening from the condition of perfect competition, facilitating the acquisition of great profits and setting the choices of the consumers as imagines reflected of the decisions of the producers”. The diminution of the organizational and institutional distance is determinant for the immaterial flows, facilitating the process of internationalization of the enterprises. The European Unique action marked the beginning of a limited sovereignty of States: it established the liberalization of the movements of commodities, capitals, goods and services, the premise to the international monetary and economic union. Subsequently with the Pact of Stability and Growth it was forbidden to governments to resort to central Banks to finance the deficit of the public sector, binding to respect of the parameters deficit / Pil and public debt/ Pil, with the purpose to reach the balance between entrances and public expenses, theoretical base of monetary doctrine. The globalization has built a system to itself even if is starting toward the implosion.

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