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Human avidity to basis of global crisis

This is an announced crisis and what’s that hit attention is human obtuseness because uncontrolled gigantism has been our sin. It is the moment to fix new rules of the financial system: maximum wages, new architecture of the vigilance, extension of the vigilance to the remarkable no body banking, gradual reform of Basilea II to measure risk in a simpler way. "The actual crisis confirmations the necessity of a relationship among ethics and economy, show the brittleness of a model whose operating  considers permissible every movement, in which market controls itself and in which remunerations of the managers are intolerable; this cannot be a model for the growth of the world: if it is not half for the attainment of the last goal, the common good,  profit risks produce poverty."
 "A development of long period is not possible without ethics: the hope is to create a model of economy adapted to each person."

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