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Conjunction indicates that what is about to be said is explicitly related to what has been said before, trough such as notions as contrasts, result and time:
- I left early. However, Mark stayed until the end
- Lastly, there's the question of cost.
Conjunctive devices are not cohesive in themselves but indirectly, that is by virtue of their specific meanings. Three frequently occurring relationships are ADDITION, TEMPORALITY AND CAUSALITY.
Additives/alternatives: add, give an alternative --> also,and,in addition,furthermore,in other words
Adversatives: contradict --> but, yet, though, however, on the contrary
Casual: one idea/event causes another --> so, then, consequently, as a result
Temporal: one event follows another in time --> one day, then, finally, up to now
Continuatives: please continue to follow the text --> well, now, anyway, surely,
At times, conjunctive relations are left implicit and thus have to be inferred in the interpretation of the text. The choice between implicit and explicit linkage has a stylistic value: with explicit linking little is left to the reader's imagination.
di Melissa Gattoni
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