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Ellipsis is the omission of a word or a part of sentence. It is closely related to substitution and can also be describes as 'substitution by zero'.
Those biscuits are stale. Get some fresh ones (SUBSTITUTION)
These biscuits are stale. Those are fresh (ELLIPSIS)
Ellipsis implies that there is a presupposition in the structure that something is to be supplied or understood. It occurs when something is left unsaid and a sense of incompleteness is associated with. Ellipsis is often used by speakers who know each other well, as they may have shared meanings and reference. For this reason, spoken discourse might appear to be full of gaps.
In some types of written texts, ellipsis can be deliberately resorted to with the aim of creating an illusion of closeness between reader and writer. In this sense, ellipsis is a binding factor: ties between writer and reader are strengthened through the work that the reader has to to to fill the gaps.
di Melissa Gattoni
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