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Sla, ipotesi

Ho voluto fare una ricerca ed una ipotesi eziologica alternativa sulla sindrome laterale amiotrofica partendo dall'ipotesi di una mutazione nel clostridium tetani a seguito di imput determinati da fattori stressanti,microtraumi e radiazioni

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Sla hypothesis alternatives of Of Aleo Salvatore Doctor of base-specialist Infectious Diseases 2002 - 2005 A familiar vicissitude that has deeply hit me and on the wake of recent surveyings conduct from an Italian judge on the great incidence of the SLA on some calciatori(100 times the norma)come confirmed from surveyings of the investigator Nicholas Biasca, that it has evidenced as as an example every sudden decision damages the nervous cells, that they render trauma with the increase in circle of one the PROTEIN visible, the betaproteina S- 100. My search e' on eventual logons between such morbo and Infectious diseases, like concomitant causes and like however brought back also the Most recent studies of Maggioni Joy of the hospital of Novara, than exactly between concomitant causes filler one attivita' physical intense, microtraumi and quite one isolated neurotoxic root in a island of pacifico(Guam) given the amiotrofica lateral sclerosis e' from a hardening of the lateral cords of the spinal marrow with amiotrofia, loss of volume and force of muscles. Uncertain the diagnosis, disowned today causes and therapy, even if the Musaro', of the department of istologia of un.di the Rome, has noticed that the increase of doses of protein mIGF-1 in the muscle hit from SLA helps to attenuate the muscular decline. We remember like the Leucina, Lisoleucina and valina have of for se' anabolic power and energetic when it intercepts to you from the muscle directly of it they allow also the increase. From infettivologo, memory like the toxin of the clostridium alloy same it to the neurons of the encefalico log. In the game of soccer, the second thesis which as said the continuous traumatismi they can thus be to the origin of the physical disease like a attivita' intense, has pushed like approval, numerous investigators towards this direction. The same one varrebbe for drugs anti-inflammatory pain-killers and uses you in order to re-establish a integrita' in short time in soccers player traumatizza you Su such searches was bases studies to you of Mitsumoto of Columbia university and of the Bradley neurologist of Miami that found as in vent' the previous years the various appearance of the disease patients had endured a meaningful number of bony fractures. Leaving hour from one recent cured scientific information from Reinhard Prior, neurologist, that he assumes on the action of the TETRACICLINE on the sla, through an effect antiprione and neuroprotettivo, independent clearly from the antibiotic action, has made me to approach to such syndrome one possibile infectious aetiology, type from clostridium tetanuses, in whose first terapeutica phase is employ SAME tetraciclici drugs to you. Also an other drug, the baclofene, than is found effective in the serious shapes of tetany, acting like agonist of the tossoide on the receivers gaba, comes experimented in the multiple sclerosis, reducing significatamente the spasticità and the frequency of spasmi.I the medium scores based on the scale of Asbworth passes from 4,0 to 1,2 after three days of treatment. We know that the athletes well who practice to soccer and the sport in kind on Prato or earth, often go encounter to fractures, micro traumi, stress muscolari; Cruz of the university of Stanford (neuroepidemiologi 1999) placed already from then the possibility of a etiologica relation between trauma and appeared of it is; therefore as it concluded Sienko in 1990 in Archives of neurology. The same athletes then logically more are exposed to the contact with present microorganisms in powders and the grass, and if already Bradlej from Miami launch the ipotesi that pesticidi and fertilizers could have a role in the disease, a lead epimediologico study in Sardinia revealed the prevalence of the sla between agriculturists (5,20/100000);ed a study lead in the state americano of Washington confirmed this gives to you Italian. After the conflict of the Gulf, Roses neurology 2003 61, had to find as the sla it highly turned out present in the veterans of the war in relationship nearly double to that one of the rest of the population. They came to contact of crews chemistries based on erbicidi and pesticidi and between the many used some came identified some the whose "base"era given from botuliniche toxins and the perfrigens which it is known belongs to the family clostridium,;in such conflict the generally sabbioso land of war very

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