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Electronic Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no doubt that the Electronic Marketing has contributed positively in the life of modern societies, mainly the consuming societies. It allowed purchasing of materials cheaply without any limit, and without any restrictions. It also gave the chance to make a free selection and comparison between the prices of goods at the electronic department stores throughout the Internet. All such facilities are given to the consumers in a very short time without causing them to leave their office or home. In addition, the Electronic Marketing has exterminated the monopoly of goods and materials, all such acts of course are for the consumer’s benefit.
However, in addition to such advantages there are many disadvantages of such type of marketing, the Electronic Marketing has deleted the privacy of the consumer , because all of his movements through the Internet have been divulged and under control, in addition to lack of exclusive security through the Internet. Accordingly, many losses equally occurred to the customer and the merchant due to such acts of hackers who reveal the information and credit cards details.
As well as, the Electronic Marketing caused many merchants, agents and monopolists to be vanquished because it gave the chance for direct communications between the producer and the consumer witho passing through them; as such, many of such merchants have been yielded away from the way of this new technology.
The Electronic Marketing was able to cause an upset down in many concepts and standards of economic science that have existed for so many years. Doors are still open for every new in this assumption and endless world as there are no limits that can stop such human ambition.

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Introduction During summer of 2002, I made a plan to travel to Denmark with my family to visit my wife’s parents there, since there were no direct flights between Abu Dhabi and Copenhagen; we were supposed to pass by transit through another country. Being on my annual vacation, I decided to pass via Paris to spend two days in the capital of France. I started navigating through the Internet to choose the airline that is proper to my situation and the hotel that I can afford, I got so many offers thorough the Internet. I booked a room in the hotel and arranged payment in advance by credit card through the Internet. Because I have never been in France before, I booked a car with a driver to drop my family and me to the hotel and return us back from the hotel to the airport; I have paid as well by credit card through the Internet. In addition, I also booked for a tour to view the great landmarks of the French capital, including a tourist guide to show us the city landmarks. Since there were more than a party relating to my booking, I was afraid that this would corrupt my vacation and make it a source of worry in case of not following the strict arrangement in my trip exactly. Due to reason that I do not know the French language and I do not know the French capital and have never visited it before, I was afraid this might spoil my holiday and become a factor for the worry and disturbance if the arrangement did not take place in the order that held it. This is why I reconfirmed my reservations with the hotel, the airport shuttle, and the tourist tour before the traveling date. The travel time has come, the airplane departed to Paris. In spite the fact that the flight arrived in due time, but unfortunately landed in another terminal and this might cause me to miss the taxi driver who was supposed to meet us in the certain terminal. Such action caused me to be more worried about interrupt of the other arranged bookings through the Internet. Being a new user of the Internet on such critical subjects increased my worries despite I am familiar with the electronic marketing where I purchased a lot of books and goods through the Internet, but it is the first time I deal with the electronic marketing related to travel and tourism. 1

International thesis/dissertation

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