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Pre-Service Trainings of Misamis University, College of Education in Relation to the Job Performance of Its Graduates of School Years 1990-1991 to 1999-2000

It was the objective of this study to look into the pre-service trainings of Misamis University, College of Education in relation to the job performance of its BEED graduates of school years 1990-1991 to 1999-2000.

Specifically, the study endeavored to discuss the following important topics: (1) profile of the graduates (2) graduates’ perceptions on the trainings they have received (3) significant difference in the perceptions of graduates with regard to the trainings they have received when they are grouped according to selected profile variables; (4) level of job performance of the graduates; (5) significant difference in the self-perceptions of the graduates on their level of job performance; and (6) significant relationship between the graduates’ self-perceived trainings and their level of job performance.

The study made use of the descriptive-survey design. The data-gathering instrument being utilized in this study was questionnaire. In analyzing the data, the researcher employed the frequency, percentage, average weighted value, and chi-square test.

Based on the significant findings of the study, the following conclusions are drawn:
1. The preparations or trainings on work life, personal wellbeing and community involvement afforded by the College of Education and Home Economics of Misamis University to its students are of great extent.
2. The school has provided different extent of trainings in community involvement to male and female students.
3. The school has provided different extent of trainings in community involvement to its students at different school years.
3. The graduate-respondents have performed satisfactorily in the preparation and utilization of instructional materials, professional growth and community involvement and very satisfactorily in pupil evaluation and records and report management.
4. Male and female graduate-respondents have different levels of performance in preparation and utilization of instructional materials, records and report management, and community involvement.
5. Graduate-respondents who are bachelors’ degree holders and graduate degree holders have different levels of performance in records and report management.
6. Experienced teachers are very good in records and report management.

7. The performance of the teachers in records and report management is affected by the trainings they received in work life.
8. The performance of the teachers in professional growth is affected by the trainings they received in personal wellbeing.
9. The community involvement performance of the graduate-respondents is dependent on the trainings they received in college in this aspect.

With the salient findings as bases, the researcher advanced the following recommendations:
1. Misamis University, specifically the College of Education should periodically conduct evaluation on the effectiveness and relevance of its pre-service trainings through the use of the graduates’ feedbacks and their actual job performance. An interval of four years is suggested.
2. The teacher education college of the university should not only maintain the extent of training it provides to its students but should also make innovations to be able to produce multi-culturally oriented teachers who are both locally and globally competitive.
3. The College of Education should design various means of community services and involvement. It should not be limited to day care works only. The following activities are suggested:
a. adult education
b. non-formal and livelihood education
c. initiating sports activities of the out-of-school-
d. involvement in the community waste disposal
e. involvement in gender development activities

4. The university’s alumni office should maintain an updated list of its graduates and their whereabouts for easy traceability and contact. This will facilitate researchers in making communications to them.
5. If another tracer study of the College of Education is to be conducted, it is suggested that the graduates who do not make it to teaching will be included. They will be very good source of feedbacks.

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM Background of the Study Teachers play significant roles in the development of individuals and of society. The roles of teachers include the performance of academic duties in accordance with the philosophy, goals and objectives of the schools; responsibility for maintaining their professionalism in their behavior at all times, and participation as agents of social, economic, moral, intellectual, cultural and political change in the school and community within the context of national policies. The above-mentioned roles of teachers make teaching a complex set of individual judgments based on personal experiences. Gage (1984) describes teaching as: an instrumental or practical art, not a fine art aimed at creating beauty for its own sake. As an instrumental art, teaching is something that departs from recipes, formulas, or algorithms. It requires improvisation, spontaneity, the handling of hosts of considerations of form, style, pace, rhythm, and appropriateness in ways so complex that even computers must, in principle, fall behind...

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