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Paleoecology of Upper Jurassic Sponge Deposits in Western Central Dobrogea

The present work is the first paleoecological and systematic study of the Upper Jurassic sponge deposits in Western Central Dobrogea. It is a brief synthesis of all the information published yet regarding that subject, together with the author’s research results, that completes the picture.
In Upper Oxfordian, on a slightly inclined slope-like sea floor, far from the Tethys Ocean northern shore, a great community of sponges has developed. It was a world of high diversity, part of the European Upper Jurassic Sponge Megafacies. Its remains are now enclosed in stromatolithic limestone of microbialithic origin. Even though studies had been carried out in time dealing with the ammonite or brachiopod fauna here, none of them had paid attention to the sponge association. That is the reason for the necessity of that study.
Presenting some similarities with the German or Polish Upper Jurassic sponge fauna, the sponge community in Dobrogea has some particular features that make that eastern part of the European sponge megafacies different from all the rest. The work tries to point out some of them, but not to complete the research, as the sponge fauna here needs revision.

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7 1.2. Research history K. PETERS has made the first mention of Jurassic deposits in Hârsova region, in 1867. Later, V. ANASTASIU, in 1898, has specified a closer age of them. First paper work dealing exclusively with Jurassic deposits here is dated 1909, belongs to I. SIMIONESCU and its title is “Straturile jurasice dintre Hârsova si Boasgic (Dobrogea)” [Jurassic Strata between Hârsova and Boasgic (Dobrogea)]. C. S. ANTONESCU has accomplished in 1929 the first study entirely dedicated to Jurassic sponges in Dobrogea; unhappily, his study has no images, except for a drawing presenting external shape features of a new species (Tremadictyon phylloideum). In 1967, A. BARBULESCU has made the first systematic discussion about the sponge fauna in that region, dealing with calcareous sponges. In 1972, she has published a study about the Upper Jurassic “reefs” in Central Dobrogea and she has made the first assumptions about the sponge deposits genesis and structure, and also an inventory of them. In 1974, A. BARBULESCU has achieved a greater work: “Stratigrafia Jurasicului din vestul Dobrogei centrale” [Stratigraphy of Jurassic in Western Central Dobrogea], which is a monography that tries to bring together all information of the moment related to the Jurassic in that extremely rich region from the paleontological point of view. It is an important contribution of stratigraphy and paleontology and presents a detailed image of Jurassic deposits in the area. In 1976, A. DRAGANESCU, in his presentation article about the carbonate Jurassic facies in Central Dobrogea, has made some references to the perimeter studied in the present paper work and has brought new

International thesis/dissertation

Facoltà: Geologie

Autore: Daniel Ungureanu Contatta »

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