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Introduction Semantic Features of English - Vietnamese Idiomatic Verb Phrases 1 INTRODUCTION A Rationale In learning and doing research on a language of a people, it would be deficient if we ignored the treasure of its idioms that are defined by Palmer (1990) as expressions whose meanings cannot be inferred from the meanings of its parts. Idioms are considered an attractive and popular phenomenon of every language. Idioms seem to take place of words or groups of words that cannot convey speakers’ intentions as well as opinions. An idiom that is a combination of figurative words often suggests a comparison that helps us feel it easy to experience abstract conceptions through concrete subjects. By using idioms, sentences that are succinct, vivid, glossy and lissome can smoothly be constructed. They are quintessence in the language treasure. It can be said that idioms are an interesting and popular phenomenon of every language. Wherever words and free-combination groups of words are not be able to convey the full meanings and feelings of language users, there are idioms. Idioms always show the uniqueness of the way each people perceives the world around and of the way each people reacts towards that world. Nonnative speakers of English can reach a point in their knowledge of the language where they feel comfortable with standard literacy speech. They are, however, liable to find themselves in hot water (Lúng ba lúng búng) when they confront with idiomatic expressions. Anyone who studies English knows very well such an idiom as to carry coal to Newcastle (chở củi về rừng), which contains in itself not only the connotative meaning but the cultural meaning as well, for example. When

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