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Human Resource Motivation

Theoretical perspectives upon the human resource motivation and the importance given to this domain in a large Romanian company.

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 3 1. Introduction Some readers may wonder why I chose to write about such a subject like motivation. I shall briefly explain my reasons in the next lines. First of all, I am personally interested in the human factor. For decades, studies on this domain have shown the importance of this element whose presence is essential in any kind of organization. Moreover, we can say that this is the strategic element on which all the development at global level depends. Nowadays, we live in a society in which changes are succeeding rapidly and in the business world, permanent provocations and changes in approaches represent a normal thing. Or, without a capable, creative, high qualified human resource, any organization might easily be thrown out of the free, competitive market or even “doomed” to disappear. Without the presence of people who know how the things work and know when and what must be done, organizations simply cannot achieve their objectives. Due to the importance of this factor, companies make efforts into the direction of having employees who do their jobs properly. One key technique to attain this purpose is to use motivation of the human resource. Thus, the value of motivation itself is not an intrinsic one, but rather it consists in the value of the human resource. We use it (motivation) in order to obtain better results from the human component. So, I decided to realize my research project into this field. The problem was tat I had to be very specific in my study, because such a paper as dissertation, does not allow too much divagation upon a chosen subject. I decided, thus, to direct my efforts into studying a Romanian company from the Cluj Napoca area. From this point of view, my research does not pretend to be an exhaustive one. In exchange, I tried to make it as objective as I could, to present facts in the way I have received them and to avoid (as much as possible) to distort reality, by making clear difference between my personal opinions and given facts. To be ore objective, I chose a company with more than one shop in the city, to see I find a pattern related to the human resource employed by the company and ways in which it understands to motivate this human resource. About techniques of field work, I had to decide which one would be most reliable in order to obtain objective results. Because the participative observation was the best way of achieving my goal, I had to decide between two kinds of instruments: the unstructured

International thesis/dissertation

Facoltà: Economie

Autore: Adriana Neagoe Contatta »

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