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Usability of Cloud Based Application

The students mostly use web based services for achieving their goals in education. They need these services for different purposes. The usability aspect is a need to design these services to be more interactive in order to support the students at their work. Google Docs is the link to the concept Software as a service i.e. a type of cloud computing. A web based application that provides online resource to the users for creating, editing and storing their documents online. The author particularly discusses it from the Student’s perspective. Usability evaluation of the Google Docs is to find the students needs and requirements and also to investigate the usability issues in Google Docs. In this thesis the author is trying to uncover the usability and privacy related problems faced by the students. This is helpful in analyzing the Google Docs (Software as a service) and its importance, by considering the students perspective. Different usability methods and techniques are available for usability evaluation. The author adopted Think Aloud (TA), questionnaires and interview to evaluate the usability of Google Docs.

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1 INTRODUCTION Nowadays, web is gaining importance as a platform which provides different services and applications for facilitating the users. Further what are the significant aspects in developing these applications for student’s perspective? How these services helps to gain maximum resources with less effort as Cloud computing offering to the users e.g. software as a service. This report is about the students needs and requirements regarding the software based services provided to them by Google through web. Here the word requirements concerned with expectation that system must have to do or its quality that user want. In addition to discuss and identify the usability issues in Google Docs and the importance of Software as a service (Google Docs) in students for using it. The author also describes the important role of usability in designing, evaluation, gathering the user’s requirements regarding these applications. To create a good understating about the Software as a services and valuable role of usability against these services by conducting usability experiments. So this regard particularly focused upon the Google Docs intended for students work and identifying the problems while using it. Google Docs is software that provides web based services to the students for freely storing their documents files, organizing them, for harmonization, for carving up their files with each other while they are working on projects or creating new documents from scratch. With a network connection student can access his/her documents any time and everywhere without dependence upon a flash drive or other storage devices in his/her possession. The purpose of this thesis project is to identify students’ needs and requirements for Google Docs with reference to academic/research purpose as well as the usability issues. This report is structured into number of chapters sequentially. Chapter 1 is about the background of the topic which we are going to study, Chapter 2 is about the problem definition, aims and goals of this research work. Chapter 3 discusses the methodology that we shall adopt to identify the problems, needs and students requirements during this research work. Chapter 4 discusses the literature review and theoretical work Chapter 5 is regarding the empirical work that we have done during the whole process of experiments for the research. Chapter 6 consists the results are based on the experiments. Chapter 7 is concerning with the discussion and analysis from the derived results.

International thesis/dissertation

Autore: Chaudhry Muhammasd Nadeem Faisal Contatta »

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