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A Reliability Analysis on the Data Processing System of a Space Experiment

A space mission experiment is always a critical application operating in a harsh environment.
Therefore the reliability of hardware and software systems that compose it, is a strongly desired quality during the mission. The space environment induces stresses for electronic components and can lead measurement systems to functional failures and loss of efficiency.
It's very difficult or impossible to repair the system during the mission and the fault tolerant design has also constraints because the equipments involved have often a complicated structure and behaviour, on the other side the functionality can be significantly restored by a suitable reconfiguration of the space segment. The reliable transmission and the quick elaboration of the data arriving in real time from the space and the uploading of reconfiguration information are then a very fundamental task for the success of the mission.
We will show which are the critical aspects of a “state of the art” space mission instrument and propose some suitable solutions to avoid faults and failures on the system.
The primary example under study will be SuperAGILE: the X-Ray detection system of the
AGILE space mission.

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