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The Accents of Northern England

The work presents an analysis of the accents of Northern England showing the phonetic and prosodic features of the neutral British English (RP) and nine northern regional accents.
The study provides significant insights into phonological and phonetic variation thanks to a richer notation system than those commonly used.
It also hints at the sociolinguistic implications of standard and non-standard accents in British society.
The main part of the work is devoted to an explanation of the phonetic system of the nine northern accents in question.
This is a result of a detailed analysis of the speech of informants from a number of localities, both sexes and various age.
An attempt is consistently made to transcribe faithfully the sounds used in different accents into appropriate phonetic symbols - thus identifying the phonetic features distinguishing northern English from RP.

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1 1 Introduction 1.1 English Accents British English is a language of accents. This apparently plain state- ment actually reveals what is often forgotten or dismissed in current gen- eral descriptions of British English. This partly explains the relative diffi- culty for a foreigner when faced with the varied reality of English as spo- ken in the British Isles. The average learner of the language, indeed, has been usually exposed to only one variety of it during his/her year(s) of study, namely what will be labelled from now onwards ‘neutral accent’ or ‘(current) RP’. This pronunciation system is everywhere adopted in the English- speaking world and elsewhere as a reference accent for native speakers as well as for learners of the language. Yet the accent taken as a model is actually one of the many accents spoken in Great Britain, differing from the others in having gradually gained social prestige as well as being used as a standard in the country. This notwithstanding, RP is not the system of pronunciation a foreigner is most likely to hear in Britain, its use

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