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Bottled water industry: analysis and review of a misinterpreted market

The aim of the dissertation is to demonstrate and explain why the bottled water industry is a misinterpreted market. Primary and secondary researches have been conducted in order to develop a situational analysis.
All the books, website and articles that has been used to support this paper are describe and analyzed in the literature review. Also the methodology illustrates the research process and critically evaluates the validity of the primary and secondary data gathered throughout the research.
Three interviews were conducted in order to collect the information needed for the market evaluation. The interviewees are all high skilled managers that operate in the bottled water industry. The secondary researches are the result of the collection of information from a large number of sources.
During the research process several key-factors of the industry have been defined and analyzed. Sustainability, Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint are the most important topics that have been discussed, in order to be able to evaluate this industry. These three key-factors are deeply described and analyzed in the dissertation. The information background delivers to the reader the minimum knowledge required to being able to correctly evaluate the bottled market industry.
The research highlights that the misinterpretation of the industry is given by a wrong approach to the topic. The information gathered in the paper show that there are two main approaches to the topic: sustainability and ethics.
It has been concluded that neither of both approaches is incorrect, but it is wrong to consider the two approaches in the same time.
It has also been recommended to use the information and data present in this dissertation to be able to autonomously analyze the situation, without external influences. In fact, the purpose of this paper is not to suggest to the reader a specific approach to the topic, but only to impartially outline the situation, supporting all the thesis discussed with reliable data and referenced sources.

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