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Sport Performance and Mental Training

This dissertation was born from the need to explain myself the reality of mental application to physical training, starting with what seems like a ritual or a holder that is apparently not something tangible like training the body with the mind.

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Preface In the role of student, athlete and citizen I'm quite aware that I will continue to learn new things that will allow me to create a new style of approach to physical and mental training, and maybe improve these same , with additional complementary methods ; I am convinced that if I did it myself, being before very unaware of how your performance can be improved if you have enough desire to increase your skills , for example through your study , experience and confidence in your own potential , I can guarantee that you can and must do it whether this short book can serve as a stimulus or not. However, it is false if I admit that what I wrote is not the result of a direct experience of the amazing things that can be done by influencing the body with the mind and the character with the body - mind . 2009 was the year when I came into contact with the mental training , reading the testimony of a man who claimed to be able to recover very quickly using techniques of self-encouragement (which I later learned was called autosuggestion ) and how they were able to help him block the harmful thoughts that with the proven symptom of psychosomatic disorders can impair athletic performance and mental life . In 2009, after years of sporting success , suddenly , gradually , coming in contact with certain people who were simply amplifying my faults , I began to feel more and more exhaust and I almost disavowed the things I believed in. I did not realise that suggestion and auto-suggestion of group ritual ( spinel , insults, acceptance of many wrong things like the social indifference ) , were encouraging to my detriment some shady characters that made these things daily bread and assertiveness , while I and others were paying the price of it. However, if you are not completely defenceless , and it is not my case , at some point you realise that you can not be a friend of a person who wants to rob us of our power , our dignity and will. As a result of this I realised that the long period spent with these people I was being gradually deprived of a potential willingness and energy that I have always had. So I understood that the first step was to get used to the physical pain that through sport makes us stronger . Gradually I began to have new energy, confidence and willingness , but it was not what I had always felt : great physical strength, desire to do hard exercises , desire for new challenges. It was only then that I realised that the losses of energy were more disturbing as they were also linked to the mind. I do not mean that suddenly everything has improved and through mental training I solved it . No, far from it; I had to get away from those people with whom I quarrelled at the end , I had to go back and study some things that I had left out , as the importance of sleep , the inner dialogue and what and by whom and by what means we can gradually develop what many call exhaustion . Only after this process where I had to go back to study psychology and practise high-level sport and above all I came back with tenacious will to believe as I had done in the past in what I was doing , I eventually recovered almost all mental and physical energies . Now, just with the writing - witness of this book , I finally developed my style of mental training , strengthening with visualisation , imagination, suggestion and auto-suggestion , even my physical sports abilities . Now , after 5 years.

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