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Mathematical Modelling for Hub and Spoke Technology

This dissertation thesis with title "Mathematical modelling for hub and spoke technology" has analyzed the possibilities of the mathematical modelling methods for hub and spoke technology.
In the chapter 1 we describe the hub and spoke technology in the distribution logistics. In the chapter 2 we formulate 4 targets for the dissertation work:
• to create the mathematical models for optimal architecture of hub and spoke technology system designed for one-way and two-ways flows of goods and to validate their functionality,
• to create the mathematical models for vehicle fleet selection (regarding vehicles capacity) and to validated their functionality,
• for model including two-ways flow of goods for fleet selection to create the mathematical model for optimizing the total cost and validate its functionality. to search the applicability of models to validate in the problem with bigger quantity entry data,
• to search the applicability of models to validate in the problem with bigger quantity entry data.
In the chapter 3 we have started analysing the state of art about the mathematical modelling for hub and spoke technology.
Targets of the dissertation thesis were got in the chapters 4,6 and 7. In the proposed models two criteria were used:
• the maximal distance of transportation, we want to minimize,
• the cost of transportation, we want to minimize as well too.

The functionality of the proposed models was validated in the model examples.
In the chapter 8 we analyzed the benefits of this dissertation thesis for the science and for the practise. The dissertation thesis includes 5 new models that differ from the previous ones in fact these models were completed by:
• they minimize the covered distance for one direction way and two-ways flow of goods,
• they minimize the covered distance for one direction way and two-ways flow of goods together with the fleet selection according to their capacity,
• they allow to minimize the total cost in the conditions of two-ways flow of goods with the fleet selection.

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Dissertation thesis 11 INTRODUCTION Logistics is a scientific discipline developed just in the modern times. During the last years there were many definitions about logistics discipline, the most important and the most used one is the total organization of the flow of goods from the raw sources to the customers in order to satisfy the market requests. Logistics science is important because the customers can be satisfied in a cheap and effective way. Logistics requires to supply goods with the requested quality and the quantity in the time and place expected with the minimal cost. The final target of the development of this science is to optimize all the logistical structures, actions and the final cost. So, as we can simply understand the logistics is not just about customer satisfaction but involves many processes in their all complexity. After the previous definition about logistics we introduce how logistics can be analyzed for studying the flow of goods, raw of material, information, energy and so on, through all the logistical process. Logistics is usually divided in 3 main parts: 1. supply logistics, 2. production logistics, 3. distribution logistics. In the supply logistics, we study the supplier processes and methods for their optimization. The target of the production logistics is that the production processes (for example mainly the production, the assembly and so on) would be optimized. The distribution logistics deals with how to allocate warehouse and to organize the flow of goods among the suppliers and the customers. In the dissertation thesis we will pay attention to the distribution logistics - concretely distribution technology - the hub and spoke technology. In this thesis we will deal with mathematical models for this technology. For the optimization of this technology the mathematical modelling will be used. The use of the mathematical modelling is important, because usually the practical problems have a lot of suppliers and a lot of customers. In the chapter 1 the technology hub and spoke is described.

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