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Management of medium voltage retrofitted circuit breakers in Nuclear Power Plant

The following aims will be the main focus of the thesis:
1. To show the need of extend life cycle of the Nuclear power plants for future years I ‘m going to show the growth trend of the energy consumption, through energy report provided by the main world energy institutions and nation by nation the new NPP.
2. Once enhance the safety of the retrofitted circuit breaker through tests, I ‘m going ensure the safety stock of the circuit breakers. The first step is to calculate the reality risk of the plant and correlating to the statistical failure of the circuit breaker. The following step will be to optimize the stock. Reaching a pre-defined level of stock.

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Thesis: Management of retrofitted Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers in a Nuclear P.P  Matteo Sozzi 5 PREAMBLE Within my work, experience and constant passion of the study of physical phenomena and their manifestation in the surrounding nature as I have noted the continuing needs of technology and consequent use of energy development had not always agreed with the quality of the surrounding environment. The pollution resulting from industrial activity increasingly led to a deterioration of the quality conditions of life and a constant relational and ecological degradation. Until the renewable energies will not reach, the efficiency required in term of costs a substitution for the fossil is the nuclear if not in new central in the extension of life cycle. Extension of life cycle must focus on updating the safety of the plant. 1                                                              1  Image from web : Solar resources compared to fossil and nuclear 1  

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