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Adozione internazionale: Italia e nuova Zelanda a confronto

Adozione internazionale. Confronto tra legislazione italiana e neozelandese, al fine di identificare processi migratori, integrazione con aborigeni, cioè tra maori e anglosassoni. Immigrazione di minori in Italia, circonvenzione della convenzione dell'Aja da parte della Nuova Zelanda.

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3 My thesis Intercountry and customary adoption: Italy and New Zealand A married couple wants to adopt a child from a foreign country. So they go to the Court, family section, and they ask information. In Rome, the court organizes a course about the burocratic iter once at week. After this course the couple knows what requirements they must have: 1-to have been married for 3 years, 2-not to be more 45 years older than the baby they want to adopt, 3-not to have been divorced or separated, and a lot of other minor requirements. They do an application to the Judge, if they have the requirements, the Judge envoys their application to the social service. In Italy the apply can arrive to the local service throwth a double path: local services depend by the Town Council, and by the Region too. In a big city like Rome, the municipality is divided in districts. So e.g. a Consultory for the family (I hope the traslation corresponds to the bureau where social workers for the family work) is placed in a district, but it is functionally dependent by both Region and Town Council, and also by The court, of course. The couple must have 5 meeting with a social worker and a psychologist, together or separately, Both the social operators do a relation, and also they do a final relation together, that they envoye to the Judge. The Judge takes the final decision, if it is positive, the couple has 2 years to adopt a baby by an authorizated body. They can join one or more bodies, some of them offer a free course of information. These bodies in Rome are less than 10, in Region Lazio they are 13. Some are very expensive, some are selective ( that is don't want couple who do specific requests), they have different history, and they have passed or not through some phases. The phases more common are : Moral body, ONLUS (not profit and social usefull body) and authorized body. What it means? In general that they collaborate with the public sector, and they have

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